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Bush Beans

Top Crop Bush Green Bean. An All-America Selections Winner. A high-quality, very productive, early, disease resistant bean. One of the best for canning and freezing. 52 days.

1 oz. pkt. $1.65

1/4 lb. pkt. $3.80

Blue Lake Bush Green Bean. Certified Organic. Plump, tender pods with slow developing seeds for a long harvest season. Resistant to mosaic viris. 58 days.

1 oz. pkt. $2.00

1/4 lb. pkt. $4.25

Cherokee Yellow Wax Bush Bean. Black seeded with yellow pods. Resistant to disease with a vigorous yield. Pods are 6" long. 55 days.

1 oz. pkt. $1.55

1/4 lb. pkt. $3.45

Contender Bush Green Bean. Matures in only 40 days. Productive and heat and virus resistant. Pods are 6" long, thick, slightly curved, oval, tender and stringless. Good for canning and freezing because it matures over a short period of time.

1 oz. pkt. $1.60

1/4 lb. pkt. $3.55

French Garden Bush Green Bean. Certified Organic. Long, thin snap beans grow on a compact bush. Usually harvested early while young and tender.

1 oz. pkt. $2.00

1/4 lb. pkt. $5.00

Henderson's Bush Lima. Extremely early baby limas continue to bear till frost. Does well in all climates. 65 days.

1 oz. pkt. $1.50

1/4 lb. pkt. $3.25

Jackson Wonder Bush Lima. Certified Organic. Good fresh or dried. Heavy yielder. Speckled beans. Sets pods well under hot conditions. 66 days.

1 oz. pkt. $2.00

1/4 lb. pkt. $4.25

Pole Beans

Blue Lake Pole Green Bean. Old favorite variety with a sweet, beany flavor. Highly productive 5 to 6 foot vines. 60 days.

1 oz. pkt. $1.75

1/4 lb. pkt. $4.10

Kentucky Wonder Pole Green Bean. Brown seeded. Has a superb flavor that is much sought after. Vines are vigorous and very productive. Pods are 9" long and stringless. Delicious fresh or dry as a shell bean. 64 days.

1 oz. pkt. $1.70

1/4 lb. pkt. $3.95

Florida Speckled Pole Lima. Bears well in hot, humid climates. Delicious, sweet flavor.

1 oz. pkt. $1.60

1/4 lb. pkt. $3.45

King of the Garden Pole Lima. One of the largest lima beans available. Each pod produces 4 -5 beans. 70 days.

1 oz. pkt. $1.75

1/4 lb. pkt. $4.10

Fava. Cool weather bean. Use as snap bean or green shell bean. You'll love the delectable nutty bean/pea flavor of this old heirloom enjoyed by Europeans for centuries. Very nutritious.

1 oz. pkt. $1.75

1/4 lb. pkt. $4.10


BeSweet 2015. High in protein and vitamins, this soybean is a great nutritional snack. Pods grow in clusters with 2-4 beans per pod. Pick before the pods turn yellow. Boil pods in salt water for 4-5 minutes, then add beans to a salad, soup, or just eat them plain. 90 days.

1 oz. pkt. $2.45




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