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Corn seeds including popcorn seeds, ornamental corn seeds and sweet corn seeds.

Vegetable Seed Warehouse has a huge
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Peaches & Cream Hybrid Bicolor. Both yellow and white kernels on the same, 7" ear. Very sweet and juicy. Only 69 days.

1 oz. pkt. $2.45

1/4 lb. pkt. $7.95

Golden Bantam. Old favorite, open pollinated sweet corn. 5 ft. stalks with 6 inch ears. Sweet delicious kernels. 75 days.

1 oz. pkt. $1.75

1/4 lb. pkt. $5.00

Early Sunglow Hybrid Yellow. Very early corn for short season climates, cool summer climates, and having corn fresh on the table as early as July 4th. Ears are 7½" long with 12-14 rows. Excellent flavor for an early variety. Tolerant of cool soils. 63 days.

1 oz. pkt. $2.00

1/4 lb. pkt. $6.75

Silver Queen Hybrid White. The most popular white sweet corn in America because of its delicious taste, wide range of adaptation and disease resistance. Wait until the soil has warmed to 65° before planting. 85 days.

1 oz. pkt. $2.25

1/4 lb. pkt. $7.35

Truckers Favorite Heirloom White.
Eight inch ears used for roasting. A southern favorite. 78 days.

1 oz. pkt. $1.85



Calico Indian. Large ears with red, orange, yellow and blue kernels. 100 days.

1 oz. pkt. $1.80


Japanese White Hulless Heirloom. Pops into very tender flakes. 3-6 well filled ears per 6' stalk. 83 days.

1 oz. pkt. $1.80

Robust Yellow Hybrid. A medium season hybrid with fast emergence, sturdy plants, large ears and high yields. Deep kernels shell easily. Pops up huge and tender. 110 days.

1 oz. pkt. $2.00

South American Heirloom. A delicious buttery tasting popcorn. Produces 2-3 six to nine inch cobs per stalk. 110 days.

1 oz. pkt. $1.70

Strawberry Heirloom. Two to four small bright red ears grow on 4'-6' high stalks. Beautiful for fall decoration or delicious popped! 100 days.

1 oz. pkt. $1.80



Mail orders to:
Vegetable Seed Warehouse
P.O. Box 572
Graniteville, SC 29829

Just send a list of the seeds that you would like
along with your name, address and credit card info or check (made out to Seed Warehouse)
Add $3.75 shipping and handling for US orders that weigh less than 1/2 lb.,
$6.50 if the seeds weigh between 1/2 lb. and 2 lbs. or
$12.00 if the seeds weigh over 2 lbs.

Priority Mail shipping is available for $9.00 if the seeds weigh less than 2 lbs. or
$16.50 if the seeds weigh over 2 lbs.

Orders are usually shipped by US mail the day after they are received.


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