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Growing culinary herbs is fun and easy. You don't have to be an experienced gardener to plant untreated herb seeds in your own kitchen herb garden. Any sunny location will do. The closer to your kitchen the better so it will be easy to snip fresh herbs for all your gourmet recipes. Some varieties can even be grown in containers in a sunny kitchen windowsill.

Sow herb seeds in unusual places. Herb plants are beautiful in the yard so replace some of your flowers with herbs for an edible landscape.

Sow untreated herb seeds for good health. Culinary herbs are full of vitamins and minerals so be sure to plant several varieties of herb seeds and use fresh herbs in all your salads and cooking for good taste and nutrition.

Anise. (Pimpinella anisum). The leaves and seeds have a licorice flavor. Beautiful flowers resemble Queen Anne's Lace. Sow the seeds in the early spring accept in the South sow in the fall. Does not like heat and humidity. Grows 2 feet tall.

Pkt. (1/16 oz.) $1.60

Arugula. Roquette or Rocket Salad. Likes cool weather. Sow outside in the spring or fall or germinate inside and transplant. Cover lightly. Adds a spicy taste to salads, sandwiches and recipes. Grows well in containers. 30 - 45 days.

Pkt. (1/16 oz.) $1.60

1/2 oz. pkt. $3.60

1 oz. pkt. $4.75
1/4 lb. pkt. $9.50

Basil, Large Sweet. The leaves of this attractive herb have a spicy flavor which makes green salads, tomato and cheese dishes, soups and omelets extra delicious. Large plants with medium-dark green leaves up to 4 inches long. The scent and taste is sweet. Height 24-30 inches. Good companion for tomato plants.

Pkt. (1/16 oz.) $1.60

1/2 oz. pkt. $3.40

1 oz. pkt. $4.50

1/4 lb. pkt. $9.00

Basil, Dark Opal. This beautiful purple basil is just as decorative as it is delicious. Grows to be 12"-18" tall.

Pkt. (1/16 oz.) $1.60
1/2 oz. pkt. $3.40
1 oz. pkt. $4.50
1/4 lb. pkt. $9.00

Basil, Thai. This basil is used in southeast asian cuisines. It has purple stems and narrow pointed leaves. Grows to be 18" tall.

Pkt. (1/16 oz.) $2.00

Catnip. Enjoy a cup of hot catnip tea while watching your cats frolic in a patch of this fragrant, attractive plant. Catnip is a multi purpose plant. The tea is very pleasant and has a lemon-mint flavor and fragrance. Along with fresh catnip planted in pots indoors, fresh catnip toys will provide your cats with hours of fun. But be warned; you may no longer be their best friend! Catnip is very hardy and grows in almost any soil.

Pkt. (1/64 oz.) $1.60

Chervil. In the south, sow the seeds in the fall for a winter crop. In the north sow the seeds in the spring. Use like parsley. High in vitamins and iron. It reseeds itself every year. Can be grown inside in pots.

Pkt. (1/32 oz.) $1.45

Chives, Garlic. Garlic chives are traditionally used in Asian cuisine and have a mild garlic flavor. Sow seeds inside and transplant in the early spring. Cover seeds lightly. Likes rich, moist soil. White flowers.

Pkt. (1/32 oz.) $1.65

Chives, Onion (Allium schoenoprasum). Finely chopped raw chives are sprinkled on foods to give a delicate onion flavor. Sow seeds inside and transplant in the early spring. Cover seeds lightly. Likes rich, moist soil. Lavender flowers. Grow chives in your windowsill garden. Plants are about 12" tall.

Pkt. (1/32 oz.) $1.60

Cilantro. Also called Chinese Parsley or Coriander. Likes cool weather. Sow seeds outside in the early fall in a sunny location or in the early spring. Cover the seeds with soil. Grows well inside in containers for fresh winter use. Seeds are used in curry powder. Leaves are used in Chinese and Mexican foods. About 24" tall.

Pkt. (1/16 oz.) $1.65

1/2 oz. pkt. $3.00

1 oz. pkt. $4.00

1/4 lb. pkt. $8.00

Cumin. Popular in Indian, Middle-Eastern and Asian foods. Cumin is a warm season plant, direct sow in the garden after all danger of frost. 18".

Pkt. (1/32 oz.) $1.60

Dill Bouquet. Start sowing the seeds outside in the early spring and continue sowing until hot weather. Cover seeds lightly. Does not transplant well. Use as flavoring for pickles and for cooking. 18".

Pkt. (1/16 oz.) $1.60

1/2 oz. pkt. $2.75

1 oz. pkt. $3.65

1/4 lb. pkt. $7.25

Echinacea, Purple Coneflower. Resistant to heat and drought. Lavender-pink blooms with brown centers. Excellent for cut flowers and for drying. 36"

Pkt. (1/32 oz.) $1.80

1/4 oz. pkt. $4.25

1 oz. pkt. $10.00

Fennel. Annual. This vegetable fennel is raised for the overlapping thickened leaf stalks which form a bulb at the base of the plant. Use bulb raw in salads or steamed, stir-fired, braised or baked. Use the fern-like tops as a fresh or dried herb to add a licorice-like flavor to foods or tea.

Pkt (1/16 oz.) $1.70

1/2 oz. pkt. $4.00

1 oz. pkt. $6.00

1/4 lb. pkt. $12.00

Lemon Mint. Annual. Used to flavor teas, drinks, candies and perfections. Leaves and flowers used in potpourri. Attractive flowers attract bees and butterflies.

Pkt. (1/32 oz.) $1.60

Italian Flat Parsley. Vigorous 12 in. erect plants, large plain flat glossy dark green leaves, long stems, more flavor than the curled types. Preferred by European cooks. 75 days.

Pkt (1/16 oz.) $1.60

1/2 oz. pkt. $2.95

1 oz. pkt.$3.90

1/4 lb. pkt. $7.80

Moss Curled Parsley. Highly decorative, both in the garden and for garnishing. Use leaves in salads, casseroles and omelets. Sweetens breath after eating onions or garlic. Vigorous productive compact 12 in. tall plant with very dark green finely cut deeply curled leaves. It grows so thickly curled that the plant resembles a bunch of moss. 75 days.

Pkt (1/16 oz.) $1.60

1/2 oz. pkt. $2.95

1 oz. pkt.$3.90

1/4 lb. pkt. $7.80

Oregano. Use fresh or dried for soups and sauces. Grows to 2 1/2 ". 90 days.

Pkt. (1/64 oz.) $1.60

Sage. The most popular of all herbs for seasoning because of its mildly pungent flavor and pleasant aroma. May be used fresh or dried in stuffing and in pork or cheese dishes. The attractive plant can be used for gray accents in the flower garden.

Pkt (1/64 oz.) $1.65

Summer Savory (Satureja hortensis). Mild peppery thyme flavor. Use leaves in salad, soups or vinegars. Can also be added to potpourri. Attractive plants with white, pink and lavender flowers are about 12" tall. Sow the seeds in the early spring. Does not do well in hot humid weather. Does well in containers.

Pkt (1/32 oz.) $1.60

Sweet Marjoram. Delicate, sweet oregano flavor. Use to flavor meat, vegetable and egg dishes. About 24" tall.

Pkt (1/64oz.) $1.60

Thyme.  Aromatic Leaves used to flavor meats, soups and stews. Grows to be 8" to 12". 85 days.

Pkt.(1/64 oz.) $1.60

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