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English Pea Seeds

Extra Early Alaska. Extremely early smooth-seeded pea. Will finish bearing before our hot weather comes. Very cold hardy. Can be planted in January or February. 55 days.

1 oz. packet $1.40

1/4 lb. packet $3.10

Oregon Sugar Pod II. Certified Organic. Edible pod pea. Highly disease resistant. Only reaches 28" high, does not requite a trellis to grow. Harvest 5" pods early, before the peas form. Good in stir-fries and frozen. 65 days.

1 oz. packet $1.80

1/4 lb. packet $4.25

Laxton's Progress #9. Sow the seeds in the very early spring. The 18 inch vines don't need staking. Long pods with 7 to 9 delicious peas per pod. Very productive. 58 days.

1 oz. packet $1.50

1/4 lb. packet $3.95

Sugar Snap. The original snap pea - the one that started it all. Pods are 2 to 3 inches long, crisp and tender. Tall vines grow up to 5 feet tall. 66 days.

1 oz. packet $1.80

1/4 lb. packet $4.30

Super Sugar Snap. Same sweet flavor of the Sugar Snap, but earlier & with bigger pods. Also better disease resistance. Great for late season plantings. Delicious as a snack right from the garden, in salads cooked, steamed & great for stir-frys. 66 days.

1 oz. packet $2.25

1/4 lb. packet $6.00

Wando. Very heat tolerant and drought resistant. Great for both hot and cold climates. Produces 6-8 medium size peas in a 3-4" pod.  69 days.

1 oz. packet $1.80

1/4 lb. packet $4.25


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